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GIC or Backpanel?

It´s one of the most usual questions received by customers at our Sales or Technical Departments. Although the case mix is very large, here you have some hints that will help you to decide between these two options:



Spotlight Image

  They are recommended when you already have modules from another provider or self-made, as with the green connectors you will be able to easily connect single wires or adapt your connection map to Sismo´s.

When following our connection map you can use the free script provided by Sismo. In case of modifying or using a customized solution, you will have to program your own script.



Spotlight Image   They are recommended when your want an easy and fast connection method, as backpanels require no soldering, as they use flat wires and just a few screwed connections.For this option no skills in electronics are required, as you just have to follow the connection guide or read the texts in the own backpanel to connect everything.

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How many boards do I need?

It´s one of the most common questions we receive, “how many cards/boards do I need? “

Now we will explain briefly the needed boards for each device, Please have in mind that this is a general explanation, not applied for special needs or requirements, so please don´t hesitate to ask us in case of any doubt.

There are two possibilities, GIC version or backpanel version. Please refer to another post in the FAQ section to see the differences.

One important thing is that to be able to use our provided scripts, each device must have a separate SimCard, and that out IO maps must be followed completly to have the script working prefectly.


   SimCard Ethernet  Daughter Boards
   Displays  No Displays Inputs Outputs Displays Servos
 MIP  -  1 - - - 1*
FWD-Overhead 1 - 2 1 - 1*
AFT-Overhead 1 - 1 - - 1*
 Pedestal 1 - 1 - 2 1*


1*: Daughter Servo board only in case of having any servo gauge connected.

Note: This is the list for the Platinum versions of the devices. For other lines please ask us.


  Device Electronic Version 
  N´s of GIC Boards
 Backpanel Board
FWD-Overhead  10  FWD-Overhead
AFT-Overhead 3  AFT-Overhead
Pedestal 6 Pedestal



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MCP Display Issue

If after receiving your MCP or just one day after switching everything on you realise that there are some failures in your displays as the represented in the pictures below, where some of the segments of the displays are not represented (marked in red) , here we will show you how to fix this.

FAQ- display1

   Below you have some pictures of a 7-segment display block, and the usual names each segment has.

FAQ- display2

   FAQ- display3

It´s very easy to fix this issue related before. Just follow these instructions:

-Unplug from power supply the MCP.

-Open the upper lid of MCP.

-Locate the failing display.

-Press slightly and step by step the display towards its base. If any instrument is needed, use one thin, soft  and plane and be careful not to scratch the display´s surface.

-Plug in power again.

-Test everything is ok before closing the lid.


P.S: The related steps below can be applied to any 7-segment display.

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